Dis!Organize Ep. 74: What If…?

There are four stages of design thinking.

  • It begins with “What is.” – the present state in which we find ourselves, the situation or initiative.
  • It then moves to “What if…?” where we envision a new, improved future.
  • What wows” comes next, focused on solutions that stand out.
  • Finally, “What works” tests possible solutions with users in the real world.

Could there be a more beautiful question than “what if..?

It is a sentence that is often prefaced with “ooooh…! What if…?” It activates the imagination, it releases endorphins.

“What is…” and “what works…” ground the investigation in reality, they round out the corners, but without imagining a different, better tomorrow, what’s the point?

Disorganizers keep imagining “What if…?”

This Much We Know.

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