Cannabis Diaries Week 49: Product Prognostications.

The last four weeks of my year-long Cannabis Diaries; and I will finish with prognostications on 4 topics that have kept me engaged this year…products, brands, LPs, and Canada.

This week, the future of products. Two areas of interest to monitor: THC, and beverages.

Since legalization we have seen a race towards high THC flower. The Reddit conversation has been highly influential. Images of massive nugs and the ability to get really high, consistently, has driven the product development cycle in LPs. When LPs hit it right, they get SOLD OUT signs in stores, and buzz in the market.

This will not last. The mass market does not want high THC. It wants consistency and brand alignment, which is difficult to do if you are aiming for 25% THC. In 5 years, high THC will be a niche play for aficionados, as it once was. Anyone with cannabis chops will disagree with me, but MIDS FOR THE WIN.

Secondly, the major cannabis category in 5-7 years will be beverages, not flower. The mass consumer need for consistency is critical, and flower’s inconsistent supply and random quality will not a mature industry make. A packaged, easy to consume product will win out.

Also, beverages will be for sale in liquor stores; and at bars. That’s how you get to mass market.

Finally, which brand will lead the way? Tinley.


This Much We Know.

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