Dis!Organize Ep. 68: Manufacture Serendipity.

We have hopefully all experienced the wonderful moment of serendipity, where events just seem to naturally coalesce around us with a happy outcome.

Serendipity is often synonymous with “luck” but there is more to it. We can manufacture serendipity, we can put in place circumstances where “luck” manifests.

A great, famous example. Steve Jobs designed his own offices and studios with a shared toilet block located at the bottom of stairs. 

By doing so, he was encouraging seemingly random meetings to occur between people who were not within their default zone of office engagement.

Through these chance meetings, random magic happens.

Now, this is definitely a pre-COVID written episode. So what is the digital, virtual version of this? 

  • Townhalls where you ping people into randomly generated break out rooms? 
  • A social network that introduces new colleagues to everyone so we can be known?

Don’t leave it to real chance. Disorganizers make it happen.

This Much We Know.

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