Dis!Organize Ep. 67: Learning is Public.

Learning should not be part of a performance management process, privately applied by you and annually discussed between you and your line manager.

Learning should be public. 

Work is learning and learning is the work,” says Harold Jarche. 

We should share openly, with radical transparency, the purpose of our work; the actions and processes; the learning; the results; and how we show up doing it.

This is how you get a quantum workplace

And there’s more! The learning is two way. 

Radical transparency at work places as many responsibilities and demands on those engaging with your personal learning as it does on you.

We can deploy systems and tools to drive this continuous public learning loop: apps or widgets where feedback is everywhere, and available in real time; pulse surveys; scoring systems; 360 reviews.

This is a profound change in the workplace social contract. 

(There is no place to hide.) 

Disorganizers understand this. We are ready.

This Much We Know.

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