Dis!Organize Ep. 60: Cultivate Curiosity.

In the social age we have multiple, divergent and emergent narratives, we have billions of data points, facts, and opinions to sift through.

In order to make sense of it all and determine the pathway forward, we need to ask difficult questions and cultivate a dangerous curiosity.

Why dangerous? Because sniffing around new topics, stepping on others’ toes, asking “Why?” and “What if…?” is courageous work! 

We are not certain what understanding will emerge or the direction it will take us. It is exciting, maybe a little scary too.

However, the alternative is more dangerous – to follow others, blindly. To be given someone else’s perspective, uncertain if it is grounded in fact or conspiracy.

Curiosity is not just about creativity. It is about finding solid ground on which to stand as all around you shudders. 

Disorganize yourself before someone else does it for you.

This Much We Know.

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