Dis!Organize Ep. 59: Self-Evident.

Over the last decade I have been working in the personal branding space. My interest is in trying to move beyond the job description in activating my skills and those of my colleagues

Calling myself a disorganizer is about saying “I am more than a communications professional.”

There is a clear need for this work. When I ask people what they are good at, there are usually two types of response. 

Firstly, uncertainty, a lack of clarity. 

Secondly, a sense of obviousness.Isn’t it entirely clear?”

No, it is not.

It is rarely self-evident. Ambrose Bierce defines that term as

“evident to oneself and no-one else.”

This is the work, friends.

So much value is left on the sidelines because we think others know what we’re good at. Disorganizers speak their truth, for others to understand.

This Much We Know.

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