Dis!Organize Ep. 53: Ask The C-Suite For Coffee.

Breakthroughs usually require some bravery. The entrepreneur “upsets and disorganizes”, in the words of Peter Drucker. 

How does the intrapreneur break through? Usually by using their wits and thinking outside the box.

Imagine you have “10 IDEAS TO CHANGE THE COMPANY.” Some experiments and tests, discussion topics and low-cost, fail forward initiatives.

How to execute them?

  • Ask your line manager stuck deep within the org chart to sponsor your programs – bleugh
  • Book a meeting called “My 10 ideas that will change the company” and invite the C-Suite – wowzer..
  • Or, go above and beyond the hierarchical process – ask a C-Suiter for coffee.

Ask good questions; solicit some advice; chat about stuff. Leave behind some ideas, your intent and capacity. Let your ideas and potential seep into the organization.

Hopefully, those ideas will become hers, and you can be her disorganizer. Why not?!

This Much We Know.

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