Dis!Organize Ep. 52: It Might Get Ugly.

There is a simple graph that best describes the experience of trying to make a bigger difference inside an organization.

On the X axis, your desk. On the Y axis, your head.

The graph shows an elegant, consistent motion between the two:

Head: Desk. Head: Desk.

Life at the edge of your company can get pretty ugly. Fugly, even.

I often refer to the bruises and muscle building produced in the act of disorganizing.

It is a physical endeavour. 

It can also give you monumental headaches. The type you get from a hangover (the victory!); or a migraine (when a storm is brewing); or from banging your head against the desk (We persevere.)

No matter the pain, consider the gain. Disorganizers keep going.

This Much We Know.

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