Dis!Organize Ep. 51: Engineer, Don’t Disrupt.

“Disruption” can be a trope, a cliche. 

Its overuse makes it empty of meaning. Be careful with your language, of how to describe your skills, your value add. 

Look around and find that definition or title. Experiment with it, start by using it in lower case before it becomes ’a thing.’

Surrounded by people who don’t like such edgy thinking? Well, rather than disorganizer or disruptor, how about “Organizational Engineer”?! 

Sounds serious, more formal, right?

I saw this advertised recently, someone who is an

  • Expert in new ways of working.
  • Facilitator of virtual team effectiveness.
  • Developer of all types of leadership.
  • Expert at talent transitions.
  • Master of task optimization and organization principles such as agility, networks, power and trust


Disorganizer or engineer, pick your own descriptor, pick yourself. 

Now, go out and change the world.

This Much We Know.

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