Dis!Organize Ep. 50: How Can I Help?

Disorganizers will often be accused of messing things up, with their crazy ideas and fail forward activities. And it is often true – we seek to change the status quo. 

The reflective question to consider is, do things need to change? 

Is everything working perfectly? If so, our interventions are probably more about us than better organizational outcomes.

All our ideas and actions should support, or give suggestions or answers to the question

“How can I help?”

If the answer is “In no way whatsoever”, well, time to move on, or settle down.

Asking “How can I help?” puts the recipient in a position of reflection and power. They consider their worldview and guide you accordingly. 

As a disorganizer, whichever way they guide you is enough. You have the ideas and commitment to make it work.

This Much We Know.

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