Dis!Organize Ep. 47: Identify Your Kryptonite.

I once developed a big digital transformation presentation for my Executive team. 

I needed some wow factor, some edge thinking that would surprise them and stop them in their tracks.


It kicked off an interesting discussion that went from bamboozlement, to curiosity, investigation, then eventually to “quote marks” <oooh, “blockchain”> before being swept out the door as detritus.

I never formally mentioned it again.

Know your Kryptonite. 

Know what idea or action or concept will kill your superpower in your organization.

You have worked hard to have influence, to get things done and be allowed to operate independently.

Be savvy. 

Once you have been burned a couple of times in the experimentation phase, no matter how attracted to it you are, or how much you know you can do with it…

Don’t touch it.

Sometimes, the best thing a Disorganizer can do is simply walk away...

This Much We Know.

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