Dis!Organize Ep. 45: Go Public I (Email).

People without organizational power but with great ideas need to get their message out.

If you hide yourself away, you might discover the elixir to organizational life and no-one would be better off.

Working out loud is what it’s called. Sharing what you know or believe is how it’s done. 

How to so do?

Let’s consider the enemy of the modern organization – email.

Email is about control – I decide who has access ; and waste – spamming data into someone’s inbox who is neither interested or invested.

It is also about missed opportunity. Who might want that data but is not cc’d?!

If you want to engage the right people at the right time, #NoEmail is something to consider.

The online collaboration leader Luis Suarez (@elsua) has been doing it for 15+ years. He got down to 4-5 emails a week in his role as a global collaboration consultant at IBM.

We’ll look at his disorganizer solutions in the next episode / blog.

This Much We Know.

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