Cannabis Diaries Week 40: Let’s Eat.

As of June, 2020 edibles made up 12% of the total Canadian cannabis market. It will surely overtake extract products (14%) by the next update.

Given the challenges to get to production by most LPs, this is optimistic news. It means the cannabis market is not just about smoking, which is critical if you want a mature industry to develop that touches the majority of consumers. Smoking flower is the equivalent of only having beer to sell drinkers. Even 50-calorie light beers only get you so much more reach.

Speaking of drinking, I think beverages are cannabis’ killer product (and get folded into “edibles”). It is the one that becomes the mainstream experience, not flower. It is the one that you can take to the beach in the summer (Vancouver police were doing alcohol sweeps in Stanley Park this week…)

Beverages are the midweek, after-work, loosener. It is not about getting high, just like a midweek beer is not about getting drunk. Beverages are also more likely to showcase the LP branding, where flower looks so medicinal.

Cheers, everyone!

This Much We Know.

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