Dis!Organize Ep. 22: Share is the New Save.

You create a document, a piece of content or data or design. You hit the floppy disk icon and save it to a drive. You email it to a few people. 

You decide who needs to know what and when.

This is about control.

But here’s the thing: The world is moving too fast for us to control every step and process and data point. 

Our networks – internal and external – are pulsing with information and knowledge and expertise. Better quality knowledge and expertise and help than we have in our own domain. 

We need to embrace this network opportunity. We need to share.

This should be the default position we take with our data, our knowledge. Share openly, as widely as possible (like this post!).

Work out loud. Disorganize through collaboration and engagement. Let the network in. 

Share is the new save.

This Much We Know.

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