Dis!Organize Ep. 21: Emergence.

There is not that much in the workplace that is simple. 

Those best practices, that are obvious to all, may get us through the day but will probably not meet tomorrow’s needs.

For that, we need to embrace a more complex approach, of emergent practices. 

And here’s the thing about complexity:

the relationship of cause and effect can only be seen in hindsight. What works can only be seen in the rear view mirror. We must probe, sense, then respond.

Complexity should be ridden like a beast, because it cannot be stick handled and process managed. 

Emergence prepares us for a more uncertain, chaotic tomorrow. Organizationally, therefore, we should seek out and reward different cultural contributors: misfits and original thinkers who stretch and enrich, those who play in complexity. 

Yknow, disorganizers.


This tweet from Adam Grant got me thinking about this topic:

This Much We Know.

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