Cannabis Diaries Week 37: Legendary.

The B.C. Government wants to solidify the “legendary status” of its cannabis, through legal means.

To do so, it has released some funds and some how-to documentation to enable the long-standing legacy market growers to go legit (although really, the “legit” Canadian weed is the legacy weed.)

Some commentators are sceptical it will make a big difference for the marginalised growers, but at least government sees the industry as a net positive branding opportunity. In Amsterdam coffee shops 20 years, BC weed was, indeed, legendary.

Additionally, we see the first signs of a calmer look at the legal business from an end user perspective. 

The opaque window dressing requirement has been removed – as I mentioned in a previous post, seeing into a cannabis store does not make kids salivate for a toke, and it is simple to still “protect minors from exposure to cannabis products.

The Attorney General talks about “flexibility.” Yes. Learn as you go, change to the needs of the market and the response of the consumer base. The sky did not fall in with legalisation. Now, let’s make it more normalised.

This Much We Know.

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