Dis!Organize Ep.13: Work. Out. Loud.

Disorganizing is the act of change in your company, releasing new, positive energy. However, if it is done in private, the energy is likely to be misplaced.

Change without narrative and community access and engagement generates whispers, gossip. It becomes too political, heavy with fear and suspicion. 

– “what is s/he up to?”;

The future of work should be a) observable; and b) narrated.

(First defined by Bryce Williams).

Work. Out. Loud.

People need to see what you are up to, so you get rid of the politics. The work, the ideas are exposed, transparent.

Then it needs to be discussed, explained. So that you can get the feedback you need to test, iterate, refine, to fail (forward).

Working out loud allows disorganizers to include and enable the hivemind, and improve all actions and outcomes.


This Much We Know.

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