Dis!Organize Ep.11: ACT!

The great Chinese artist, dissident and provocateur Ai Wei Wei says:

My favourite word is ACT.

I am more fearful than other people, maybe, then I act more brave because I know the danger is really there. If you don’t act, the dangers become stronger.

Ai Wei Wei

Now, at work we can come to action from both perspectives – fear, that if we do not have the courage to take control of our own destiny, we will instead be inserted into some maelstrom of nonsense;

Or optimism and opportunity – that by rolling up our sleeves and moving out in to the world we will create magic.

Either way, my protestation is – do the work. Take action. 

Be creative, have ideas, but put them into action, or else it’s just fluff. 

The more we take action, the more fun we can have with it. 

The more memories we create; the more we have to show for our valour and commitment; the more disorganizing we put into effect.

This Much We Know.

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