Dis!Organize Ep.10: “Dis-” Your Company

So I call myself a Corporate Disorganizer. 

I could call myself, and sometimes do, a Change agent, rebel, disruptor, or intrapreneur.

Why  “Disorganizer?”

Well, a Disorganizer is unexpected, it comes from a side angle, it slows the recipient down. It opens up a conversation.

But, I’m not disorganized!” you say. Exactly right. 

I am not disorganized, passive, careless and undisciplined. 

I disorganize, active verb,disrupt the systematic order or functioning of…


a Latin prefix meaning “apart,” “asunder,” “away,” “utterly,”…

 “Disrupt” has been claimed as a force of good in the workplace economy. 

Disrupt or be disrupted!

Its overuse has made it almost meaningless. 

Why not “Disorganize” instead? Do you work for an organization that doesn’t need Dis-ing?!

This Much We Know.

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