Dis!Organize Ep.12: Pay It Forward

In the last episode I shared the Ai Wei Wei quote about taking action – that it requires bravery. That courage builds muscle. It gives us a force field. 

Hey, we’re still here…we disorganizers have been (at least partially) successful; if we weren’t, we would have already been shown the door.

We have good instincts. Now, we must pay it forward.

The ability to effect change, the disorganization effort you introduce, can be shared with others.

We can pay it forward to that friend, colleague, onlooker who wants to similarly make a difference and has yet to build up the confidence to deliver on their genius (idea), with the confidence and fidelity required to get traction.

They need partners in crime. They need confidants, supporters, sounding boards. They need disorganizers.

And so do we.

This Much We Know.

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