Dis!Organize Ep.8: 40% Sell!

According to the author Daniel Pink, we spend 40% of our time selling.

40% of our time…selling.

Work in an office and sit at a computer all day working on projects? Where is the selling?

In the craft of your emails; in the project updates in team meetings; in the deliverables of your projects; in the poise of your demeanour on the team Zoom call. 

Always, Be. Selling.

If that 40% figure is correct, by god, we had better believe in something. We need to create meaning around us, or else it will be a struggle. Selling something you are not committed to; or have no interest in – good luck with that.

Disorganizing doesn’t only mean change things around you – it also means changing your own dynamic so that you always have a positive angle into the work. If you have that disorganizing set up, selling is easy.


This Much We Know.

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