COVID Diaries Week 13: The Creative Arts Edition.

Self-isolation does things to people.

In 1999 I was studying at film school. We had to make a 3-minute production using the talent of the other students to execute the project.

I ended up with a 33-minute script, heavy with existential quotes.

For the class submission, I turned it into a trilogy of 1-minute episodes, showing the transformation of a person with two inner-dialogue angels proferring advice. Imagine a twitter thread with anonymous trolls and you’ll get the idea.

I stripped the piece of its dialogue and replaced it with some delicious Aphex Twin music instead.

During pandemic, I turned over the garage in spring cleaning, and found the old miniDv tapes.

Part 2 is called During; it has a self-isolation vibe. The tumult and torture of change; the slow rebirthing process. This is where we are. Where I am.

Luckily, part three (After) is sunlit uplands. Something to look forward to. Be well!

This Much We Know.

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