Dis!Organize Ep.7: Context : Which Side Is The Right Side?

My wife Lori and I both sleep on the right side of the bed.

It’s not literally as weird as it sounds, but figuratively, it is.

My “right side of the bed” is the perspective from looking at the bed upon entering the room.

Her “right side” is from lying in bed looking out to the world.

We are both “right” about the “right side.” It depends on our context.

There are very few agreed upon truths in our worlds. [Even things like social justice…]

We rely heavily on context. In our workplaces, just as in our communities, that context is agreed upon by those who came before. But it is not necessarily “truth.”

If we, as disorganizers, as agitators and protesters, seek to change the context, we must unstitch the “right side” of those who went before, piece by piece.


PS – This is my 600th published blogpost here on TMWK. Of which, unexpectedly, the blog post called “Which Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On?” is my most visited. Clearly, this is a common discussion in families. So I decided to revisit the topic with a lens on today’s challenges.

BTW, as detailed in that post, Lori and I asked our hivemind who was correct about the right side of the bed. By a clear majority, and as usual, it was her.

This Much We Know.

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