Dis!Organize Ep.6: Meander


It’s a great word. It just sounds right.

I first came across the word studying geography at school. 

A river meanders, gently swerving this way and that; the water slowly removing and depositing the earth of its banks as it moves inexorably to its destination. By doing so, it changes itself.


People should meander too. Hither and thither

Of course, having direct line of sight to your career goal is Cool.i.o. 

No distractions, go get it. Like an arrow.

But not 24-7. 

You should reserve your space, your time, for more random adventures, experiments, conversations. 

Go for a walk without a destination; meet a colleague or acquaintance for coffee without purpose.

Noodle on a problem with a blank sheet of paper and some colouring pencils. And colour outside the lines.

Meander. Let the world surprise you with new intentions, new opportunities.

That’s how we disorganize.

This Much We Know.

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