Cannabis Diaries Week 34: Mental Health

I am approaching the Singularity, as my thinking about cannabis and COVID19 merge.

The Q1 2020 results for cannabis LPs have been (relatively) promising. Many spoke about the sales push around the time of COVID lockdown. Consumers and patients stocking up for the duration. At the moment, not much sense that sales have dropped off as stores re-open.

One of the deeper conversations about the pandemic revolves around our collective mental well-being. How do we isolate, deal with the stresses of illness, unemployment, working from home, and the general feeling of End of Days?

Many of us (self) medicate. We do so legally, responsibly, thoughtfully. Have a beer to take the edge off it. Smoke to inhale and release anxiety.

Here, THC products can work, but more so CBD products. Inducing calm amidst the pandemonium.

Charlotte’s Web announced just such an expectation during its earnings call. Their road to positive EBITDA focuses on consumers / patients needing a CBD response to the anxiety and stress of COVID-19.

Others have pointed out the CBD sales have soared through the pandemic. The UK growth of CBD is 50% over 2019 figures.

This normalisation of cannabis and its byproducts as a part of our entertainment and well-being mix seems slow when we are in the middle of it (and LPs are struggling to make it through); but we will look back in 5 years and say, “That was easy!”

This Much We Know.

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