COVID19 Diaries: Week 2

A fresh start.

Spring cleaning is cathartic. It renews, and also keeps me busy moving, using my hands. I am being deliberate, taking my time. Slowly, we move a piece of furniture around the house, dismantling and storing another, seeking to recycle to charity something else. It will take 2-3 months to complete. I sold my knock-off Eames chair after several years in storage. Some change is harder than other.

In the interim, the house is looking gnarly as there is junk sitting at the bottom and top of the staircases waiting to put in the appropriate place. Small, incremental actions will get us there.

COVID19 gossip and news

An hour in the morning, first thing, to catch up on world events; another at the end of the day, as some days have a week of news crammed down the collective gullet.  

I enjoy LinkedIn for network news, but the COVID19 contagion is at threshold. Every leader’s and company’s response is important and relevant. I am glad they are doing things; but it adds up to an overwhelm.

Twitter is still where I go for breaking news, and the BBC / CBC for more structured insights.

Revisit and reflect.

In spring cleaning, many other ideas, creative opportunities and tactile memories re-emerge. I dug out old my old 45s and thought about my 10-year old self, starting out in the world as person with my own purpose. Those music choices I made were pivotal. I made them independently of my family, and usually ahead of my friends. My first record choices had social relevance, songs about mass unemployment and political change. And here we are…

Also, the need to change a record on a turntable every 3 minutes vs, letting the endless Spotify playlist dirge on made me notice more what I was listening to. Some songs stood the test of time; others had that tinny, 80s throw-away plastic feel.  


Lori was laid off too this week. We are in this thing together. We went to a financial advisor ten years ago, to get on the same page about money habits. It worked. Last year, we revisited her to talk about retirement planning, investments. We need to revisit those decisions we made. Tighter than tight.

Luckily, we have trust, and we share hope. This is a good time to be in a good relationship.

Senior demand generation manager – $45 / hour

The job board apps are pushing some fairly spurious roles at me. This shows the weakness of the basic input/output controls of the tools, and also the deficit of roles available. Who is hiring right now?!

Patience is a virtue.

This Much We Know.

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