Week 14: Substance

Anyone following the state of the Canadian cannabis market will know that the whole industry is in a real squeeze right now: lack of capital; missed Year One targets in cultivation and revenue; slow roll-out of legal stores; uncertainty around vaping; and a ponderous roll-out of Cannabis 2.0 products, etc.

Many Licensed Producers (LPs) have recently struggled and laid off workforce as they seek to maintain balance in choppy waters, and we are no different. Last week we sadly bade farewell to colleagues, mainly in head office where I work. It has been a tough week.

At the end of the week, I attended Lift Vancouver, the west coast cannabis event of the year. Industry folk were in from across Canada. [More on this next week]

I bumped into one of those colleagues who left last week, and she proudly gave me her card for her new business: Substance Event Design.

Not one for wallowing or self-doubt, instead she took action, and was prowling the conference floor selling her new gig.

It showed her substance, her class and attitude, and, projecting a bit, it made me sense an industry norm – fighting hard for what you believe in, taking challenges on the chin, and bouncebackability.

Patricia, salut! https://lnkd.in/durh54H

This Much We Know

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