Week 11: closing out the year, readying for 2020

The work does not seem to slow down here. We are only nearing the end of Year one of existence, so the life at a start-up does not follow along well-worn pathways and protocols. There is no time to pause and relax, because there is always something new to embrace / tackle. Not just the quarterly reporting cycle, which is an undulating tsunami of effort. We have new products, new orders, new facilities, new people, enhanced policies and procedures, left-field challenges…

Consequently, while life might slow slightly over the Holidays, there is no respite, little down time. We keep going. Hopefully, though, that slight eddy will give me time to look ahead and do some goal setting for 2020. My office whiteboard has plenty of dried on plans and ideas. Now I need to get them on the page and reviewed. I need to start making promises to the organization other than ‘I am here to help.’

This Much We Know.

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