Week 9: Clear sky clarity, foggy focus

I sit on floor 31, with a view of the North Shore. The view helps clear my head when I am thinking about planning, about strategic conundrums. Of course, in Vancouver in December (or any month), the clouds can roll in at any minute. My mood, my focus, shifts with the weather. Brooding skies induce hunkering down, staying efficient, focusing on the small things.

This week I was filming. Video is about the wide and the tight shot; often cutting between the two. Always staying in focus. It is all about the technical details – everything has to work perfectly, when you ask it to. Then, only then, can we consider the big picture. The meaning. The words.

Speaking of which, sometimes they matter. Sometime only that one word matters. It has to be precise. But generally, they are just words. Your words as good as mine, possibly better. If they are written / spoken with passion and integrity, they will work just fine. Instead, let’s spend quality time on the meaning of the words. Is the set-up inclusive? Will it solve, inspire, deliver?

This duality is front of mind this week. I have to execute, to get it right. Gotta build trust. Yet, I also have to imagine, to think ahead and prepare for a future that, in a start-up, is yet to be determined.

This Much We Know.

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