Week 7: The kindness of strangers

Even confident people start a new job with a certain amount of trepidation. Hey, we’re not sociopaths(?).

Am I as good as I think I am? Will people like me? Can I add (enough) value; and quickly (enough)? Can I build my institutional standing such that I get invited to the right meetings and included on the right email chains? Will I be the go-to SME?

I watched a TED Talk that spoke to the power of smiling. Smiling makes you more likeable, more approachable. People even consider you to be smarter than you might be if you smile. I spent my first week grinning at everyone from ear to ear, just in case it helped my cause.

It worked. I feel very blessed. Since day one, the good people here have invited my in; offered their support; asked my humble opinion and sought my expertise. They have made an assumption: if you are here, you must know your stuff, so add the value, do the work. We need you.

This kindness of spirit speaks to the values of the team; and their own commitment to excellence. No insecurity and power games. Just good, wholesome people working like dogs to make something happen. I am trying to do my bit.

What a pleasant experience: to show up every day, trusted to do the work I am paid to perform.

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