Week 5-6: Earnings week.

A time of tension and challenge in any public-listed entity. The squeeze of data from every available corporate reporting system so tight that it callouses the skin of the organization’s collective hands.

Adding all the numbers together again and again, checked and triple checked to the satisfaction of the auditors snaffled away in the Boardroom with a sign on the door,


All in order to file, to say ‘this is our truth’ to the finance world. And then to share our journey’s story with finance stakeholders. Trying to deliver value, to showcase transparency.

I have been through this journey for dozens of Quarters, through good times and bad. A quarter’s moment of reflection: who are we, what do we stand for (through a financial lens)?

I am only on the periphery of the work, but I appreciate the effort and craft of those responsible for the process, the commitment to excellence and compliance. It is an earnest endeavour, a serious undertaking. It is the work of clear minds, of careful adjudicators, of technicians with mad excel skills. A salute! To the accounting, reporting, investor and analysis teams, for their hard work. Until the next quarter!

This Much We Know.

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