A Reflection on My Working Style For International Work Out Loud Week #WOLweek

I work in a matrix / network fashion; by turns browsing across media and content types to get a feel on something; then deep-diving into a tool or content type to deliver outputs / productivity.

This is a very Millennial way of working – it accepts / embraces that the world out there informs everything in here.

No work is done in isolation. Although I might be the expert of how the world out there translates into what my organization needs, I am not the expert in the world out there! Others are ahead of me in almost every facet of flow, form, output.

In a time of globalization, I embrace that shortfall. There is no embarrassment to not being the expert. There is only a missed opportunity if I do not leverage the networks and resources in the world out there for my own niche purposes.


I tab across my browser windows in turn, or activate app after app on my mobile device. I scan the horizon these tools lay out for me.

I ponder a little, looking for action.

I might check in on my private facebook, then check in to my work Facebook, to see how posts are engaging our audience. This might lead me down an analytics pathway across all our platforms, looking for comparative data, for themes and insight.

I then snag a few insights, post them to our group Yammer feed to discuss in the team. Some of these are seized upon to drive action, even campaigns. Meetings are booked and we throw ideas around. Other content withers away, and no judgment is required. It is what it is.

This seems a thoroughly modern working methodology:

  • Embrace the power of the network
  • Let that network’s data, ideas, content wash over me
  • Deep dive where multiple inputs cross hatch; or where data jumps out, screaming “THIS!”
  • Concentrate on a particular issue – look for understanding and/or action
  • Repeat.

How are you embracing new ways of working?

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