Working Out Loud with Millennials #WOLweek

We sit together and discuss content out loud, dropping in and out of each other’s conversations.

We wear headphones when we want to focus

We write up themes and projects on a whiteboard so we can massage serendipity


We share interesting content and ideas on a Yammer “FYI” group

fyiWe maintain another Yammer group for work projects so there is an audit trail and an open invitation to participate

teamsite We use multiplechannels to source ideas and topics of conversation – our network is part of the solution!

We participate in different types of conversations / topics with each other in different channels at different times of the day:

yammer during the day (even email occasionally); snapchat for chats; twitter in the evenings; Instagram during down time.

Working with Millennials is da bomb.

←This Much We Know.→

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