Personal Journey Mapping

I am a generalist. A slice of talent and a dollop of white male privilege has created a monster that can move around in various institutional environments adding value here, there and everywhere. Being a MarComms professional means I can work … Continue reading Personal Journey Mapping

The Person To Person Economy: Be F.R.E.S.H.

The TMWK brand arose from iterative work. It came from real action, real outcomes – the TMWK BrandBoard process. It came from working out loud trying to effect change in the workplace, to support people build their reputation and explain their individual advantage. Retrospectively, I considered the underlying themes of delivering a personal branding program. I identified five ideas that simply described the output / outcome. They happened to create a neat apronym  – F.R.E.S.H. Fun.Revealing.Entertaining.Shareable+Social.Heartfelt. Now think about how you relate to another person. You meet someone at a party, or a conference, and an outcome is that you connect … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: Be F.R.E.S.H.

Everyone Wants A “Head-Heart-Hand” Brand. But Few Have One. Which Is Yours?

Some of the most interesting realizations I have had in developing personal branding tools are that: We cannot be all things to all (wo)men; nor do we need to be – specialization helps others understand you quicker and more intensely; Balance is still important – few people want to be empty-handed in certain parts of the required skill sets of the modern worker. Talking with participants of the TMWK BrandBoard process, invariably a person wants to showcase Head – Heart – Hand attributes. These map against: Thinking – intellection (Head) Feeling –  emotion (Heart) Doing – action (Hand) Oh, what … Continue reading Everyone Wants A “Head-Heart-Hand” Brand. But Few Have One. Which Is Yours?