#Selfie Culture and #Otherie Culture Are Intimate

Simon Terry has suggested 2015 be Year of the #Otherie. I like it. At the end of 2013, the word of the year was #Selfie, and all us high-minded old people got angry about how self-absorbed Millennials are.

But these two ideas – #Selfie, the reflection of ourselves in the mirror and in our smartphones and #Otherie, the reach out to, and acknowledgement of, another – are intimate.

My #Selfie projection out into the world (“This is who I am…!”) is also an invitation to #Otherie (“…and this is how I can help!“).

My interest in personal branding is how do we enable the best use of our genius – it is allowing others into our lives, forcefully and focused. I think selfies are a positive projection of an individual’s offering.

Moreover, reading this post today, social (photos, conversations, beliefs, prognostications) is a better guide to knowing someone than a CV / resume! #Selfies4Life!

The more we share of ourselves, selfies or otherwise, the larger the opportunity to make a difference. And this is not egotistical in nature, far from it…

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