Does Curiosity Kill The Cat?

This post was anonymously written as part of Blog Secret Santa. There’s a list of all Secret Santa posts, including one written by Jonathan Anthony, on Santa’s list of 2014 gift posts.

First of all, I’d like to wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone reading – I promise I won’t keep you away from the festivities for too long!

I will admit that when I was given my Secret Santa I was incredibly confused… After realising that I had most definitely added myself to the wrong Blog Group I decided to stop panicking and read through This Much We Know to get ideas. I was pleasantly surprised by how inspired I was to write my Secret Santa post. One phrase in particular caught my attention:

“The curious will inherit the world, y’know.”

We are told through the ancient metaphor that ‘curiosity killed the cat’, suggesting that being over inquisitive can lead to danger if one is found snooping where one should not be. Curiosity seems to be squeezed out of us at an early age along with our creativity and imagination. When a child reaches a certain age their curiosity is no longer facilitated but instead curbed and controlled.

How, without curiosity, would our world be the place it is today? What would Christopher Columbus, Tim Burners-Lee and Neil Armstrong be doing if it weren’t for their curiosity?

Alongside passion, determination and a sprinkle of common sense, curiosity is a powerful tool towards success. Whether you have always wanted to know about a particular subject but have never ventured into the library, always wanted to live abroad but never had the guts to book your ticket, or maybe you’re dying to find out how it feels to fly a plane? Whatever it is, no matter how big or small, you should always explore the possibility. Book onto a class, venture overseas or book a flying lesson – allow your curiosity to fuel you.

I propose that in 2015 everything we do, we do with curiosity. You never know what you might find.

Have a Curious Christmas,

Olivia from

P.S. That includes the chocolates that everyone leaves at the bottom of the tin on Christmas day – go for it, you might surprise yourself!

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