2016 in Review: Raise All 10 Digits, or Your Middle One, to Digital

Professional, workplace change is tough. I was not promised a life long with the requirement of learning. I was supposed to learn stuff, and then monetize it, as my experience deepened.

Yet, the last 8-10 years have been a tumbling cascade of environmental scanning, upskilling, experimentation, head scratching, the occasional epiphany, and a long tail of small-scale breakthroughs. All of it got me to today, thinking about how to close out 2016.

And the only current word to summarise it is “digital.”

We have all been struggling with the appropriate definition or encapsulation of this force disrupting every industry, process, workplace experience. For a while it was e2.0, social business #SocBiz, future of work…the emergent epitaph seems to be digital.

Everything is digital

We have digital transformation, CDOs, digital strategy, digital natives. The McKinsey Quarterly most read articles are 70% digital named and framed. I only had to review my December twitter timeline to feel this change. Almost everything I shared had a digital theme.

So what are we to do? 10 years ago I started to see the power of social, of a community of people brought together through technology for breakthrough and scaling effect.

I began sponsoring it myself around 2008, swimming upstream. Here we are, years later, and social has morphed into digital. I am not sure why, and I am not sure it matters too much anyway.

I know that the transformation of business and process and workplaces and careers has been and continues to be monumental, and there are only two choices for any of us impacted by its force.

Stick up your middle digit and rail against the change and the need for personal change and growth. And good luck with that.

Or, raise up all 10 digits, in praise, adulation, maybe a little hopeful help. Digital is all around, and we are still only in the beginning of its impact on our lives.

Here’s to a 2017 with digital delight for us all!

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