I Have An $8 Million Idea. FOR SURE! Silicon Valley Told Me

I have been down to San Francisco a few times and mixed with some Silicon Valley tech heads. The energy there, in the tech industry, is literally tangible. A tech room is heavy and sweaty with potential. It is simultaneously heady and wearying.

I am an ideas person, and excited by what could be. Consequently, I love that energy, the sense of possibility. I described a couple of projects I have vaguely underway, and FOR SURE, 100%, they are worth MONEY, everyone agreed. VC will hear my pitch! I can sell the company – before it is in production – for $8 MILLION. FOR SURE!

Ah, sweet dreams are made of this. Jessica Hagy has a direct, truthful write up of this spinning world of potential and expectation: Let Me Tell You About My Start-Up.

The only limits are the ones you can see, and frankly, we don’t see shit.

Read it and weep.

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