Dis!Organize Ep.4: Creative Tension

As a communicator, I like this little bit of organizational physics:

for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction (and a social media overreaction)

If you want to change what goes on around you in the workplace, you can expect push back, so you need to embrace it, to use it as an activator. 

Consciously introduce and manage the creative tension around you. Prod and poke, push and withdraw, feeling the force of your boss, your team, the organization in interplay with you. It is a dance.

This is not about being a bull in a china shop (although sadly, if you are a white middle aged man like me, it can work).

Seth Godin talks about pattern interrupt: we’ve been trained to ignore consistent, obvious messages and invocations – like the airplane seatbelt video.

If you want to cut through, you need to make a cut. Force those around you to notice, to play.

A healthy tension. A creative tension.

This Much We Know.

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