Un-shlump The Borfin! Juggle Your Imagination!

There are so many tools, applications, channels to explore. There are endless opportunities to entertain, to mine a meme, to curate or recast content in a new direction. Much of my time spent on the TMWK blog is behind the scenes, trying to work out what to leverage, how to use, what to focus on. Many painful hours pass before I have an aha moment and I can start outputting.

I am clearly young-at-heart in my embrace of Vine – 25% of teens are regular users, and some people have worked out how to make big money from a 6-second exposure.


Am I good at it? I am not. But, I am learning. I get it. I know how to harness the channel, I have worked out the methodology. I am (moving) ahead.

The above Vine I made before a G+ Hangout with some network friends to discuss the topic of generalists (of which we all are). Looking for the edge, I am prepared to (safe)fail. And by doing so, I am juggling my imagination, I am un-shlumping the Borfin.

How will you un-shlump your Borfin today?! 🙂

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