Get Ready for #FutureOfWork: It’s Coming To Get You.

Many people do not like change, they like to know what to do and to do it. Great. But this is not a choice for many of us anymore, and for fewer in the future.

You can embrace the idea that there is an opportunity herein – that change and emergence lets us change and grow and win. Or you can throw up your hands and hope for the best.

You know which choice I think is the smart one.

If you make that smart choice, whether excitedly or phlegmatically, then you need to read and learn, and think and unlearn and relearn and keep going. Your life will be a perpetual motion machine (or a hamster’s wheel!) and it will be tiring and hard, but you will be strong and muscular and attractive and young (or your money back…).

You will keep abreast of technological changes that will impact your private life, the life of your family and kids. You will take this learning to work and apply it.

You will also be aware of social and demographic and globalization changes afoot, and apply that lens to your own life for today and the future, and make some good guesses and go off and learn and unlearn some tips and tricks so you can respond to those changes when they hit you and yours.

This, my friends, is work. It is probably not work that your company will pay for; and there may not be a pay off for you at your current employer. If there is, stay at that company! But if there is no immediate pay off, you will be ahead of 80% of your cohort, and as change happens around you, you will be already poised to jump, dance, or fight.

You are someone I want to work with, for. Together, we will change our world of work for the better. That’s fun.

Lots more on Future of Work here.



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