Get Ready for #FutureOfWork: It’s Coming To Get You.

Many people do not like change, they like to know what to do and to do it. Great. But this is not a choice for many of us anymore, and for fewer in the future.

You can embrace the idea that there is an opportunity herein – that change and emergence lets us change and grow and win. Or you can throw up your hands and hope for the best.

You know which choice I think is the smart one.

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Personal Brand: Get One To Help And To Get Help

One revelation of the process of researching and activating personal branding, for me, has been a turnaround in perspective about HELP.

I have always been loath to ask for help. Always thought I could do it myself (fool!). Tied up with this is an idea that the main reason to talk about yourself is to network hard and get into people’s rolodexes / contacts so that you can pick them off one by one and ask for the help. Some childhood stuff going on there probably, but here’s the Aha!

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