#PKyvr33 Day 3: International Working Out Loud Week #WOLweek #WOLyo!

A few network connections have decided to work out loud next week. This calls for an INTERNATIONAL WORK OUT LOUD WEEK proclamation!

It's time to WOLyo!
It’s time to WOLyo!

Austen Hunter has the schematic, which he shared to a Yammer customer network:

how to do it - simple
how to do it – simple

Of course, number one is the most important: Do something! #WOLyo is action oriented.

My guess is that my #PKyvr33 process will suffice as my participation to the week. Look out for #WOLweek #WOLyo! for others’ efforts.

Last night, at dinner, my partner Lori said: “You are discussing [the opportunity of] elevation through connection and community.

I like that, elevation. It will definitely synthesize somehow into #PKyvr33.

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