The Person To Person Economy: #RelentlessHumanity

Amongst all the intellectual stimulation and thought leadership LEADERSHIP(!) in the (closed) Change Agents Worldwide network, where I am privy to a daily onslaught of deep and meaningful, progressive and revolutionary, exciting and scary discourse, there is one thing that shines through so bright that it blinds – the community’s unending and unerring humanity. Once or twice a day, reading the flow of intent and insight,  I want to comment along the lines of “How wonderfully humane of you…” (versus, thankfully, “Oh, the humanity!”) I have learned so much in the last three years from people sharing their knowledge freely … Continue reading The Person To Person Economy: #RelentlessHumanity

Personal Branding: Are You A Head, Heart, Or Hand Brand?

When you think about branding, synthesis is critical. You cannot be all things to all (wo)men. You have to choose where your brand stands in the marketplace: niche, low-brow, action, sophisticated, smart, edgy? It cannot be them all. Moreover, there is no wrong place to stand in the marketplace. Just stand somewhere, and sell your wares. [In MarComms, many of us suffer from the curse of the Generalist – where it is impossible to articulate one’s brand in any way other than “I do a bit of everything.”] This plays out when we delve into personal branding. Most people orient … Continue reading Personal Branding: Are You A Head, Heart, Or Hand Brand?

Knowing With The Head, The Heart, The Hands.

John Maeda always keeps it simple. His recent RISD Commencement introduction referenced Marshall Ganz; and how “moving people to action is about telling stories, and that our stories are formed by three ways of knowing.” Namely… knowing with the head knowing with the heart knowing with the hands This maps perfectly against the TMWK Personal Branding approach. Not only can we articulate our strengths through this triumvirate balance, we can also lead others with stories that exhibit the same attributes. Continue reading Knowing With The Head, The Heart, The Hands.