“This Is Who I Am” Lets Others Say “This Is Who You Are.”

Recently I wrote a few posts about how to start out on the personal branding journey, after a late night conversation with a (successful) friend who wanted others to ‘get him’ more.

It goes roughly like this:

  1. Reflect on who you are
  2. (Subtley) Insert outcomes of above into your daily conversations
  3. Get lucky

No rocket science, just a little applied thinking.

Well, turns out it works. The same friend let me know that he had been letting others know how he shows up and where he adds most value and what he is really good at. He had a few phrases he had used to encapsulate his awesomesauceness.
Then, performance review time, his boss regurgitated these phrases back to him as facts (which, of course, they are) in her own write up.

Personal BrandingThat deserves a BOOM!, no?

Note, there is no lying going on, no cheating. Branding is simply helping others know how you can help by articulating what you are good at/for.

Get further, faster. Think about your personal brand.

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