This Much We Know? You Will Know Me From This Blog

I have learned many things from writing the TMWK blog for a year, with more than 260 posts. Here are 10 revelations, so far. I want to separate out a key piece. Because the blog is me working out loud, sharing my knowledge, perspective, beliefs and opinions, it is the CLEAREST, most precise way you can know me (well, unless you KNOW me IRL).

I say This Much We Know. I mean, this is who I am, how I move out into the world. If you read this blog, you know me, you know my motivations, my focus, my gift and my excitement.

knowingmeThat is pretty cool. I often say to people, if I was to get another job, the blog would be the easiest way for someone to say “Yes!” to and about me. A resume / CV just does not cut it any more, me thinks. [And personal branding is another TMWK focus because of this…]

Of course, the challenge is that for a job that fits just so, with a clear cut role and accountabilities, a job just like this other job and that one over there – well, then the blog probably does NOT provide the answers. In fact, it probably asks too many (difficult) questions about fit and focus.

But for a position, for a possibility, for a co-created potential – now we’re talkin’. There are people out there that need someone just like me – indeed, someone who is me, in all my ‘glory.’

Maybe, in terms of changing the world, finding that perfect fit where my passions and someone’s needs meet and combust will be the greatest outcome of all this writing, all this effort, all these words and ideas.

Or not.

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