Ha! Let’s Test This “Know The Blog, Know Me” Idea

Yesterday I wrote how this blog is a reflection of me, my set of still-forming ideas on how to change the world, my personal brand promise no less. It is a work in progress, but then so am I.

If the TMWK blog is purest essence of “Jonathan”, then it stands to reason that it could become my resume / CV (especially if I get to talk about my BrandBoard, which gets me really excited…)

opportunityWell, let’s test this out. It happens that once in a while I get recruiters dropping by on LinkedIn to say hi and to sense my appetite for change and opportunity. Now, I say change like this: CHANGE. and I write opportunity like this: OP.PO.CHEW.NI.TEEEE.(yo). Does that mean I am looking for a new job? Not particularly, when my current role gives me so much of what I want from work.

That said, if someone were to offer more of ‘that‘, hey I’m ambitious and highly motivated. So, this very week, it happens another opportunity arises. How to respond to the kind, unsolicited request?

Roughly speaking, point them to the blog and my twitter feed, and suggest that from these sources, they might concur I am a) weird (and maybe wonderful); or b) such awesomesauce that they have to tie me up with golden handcuffs to the next available C-suite position they can find; or c) meh.

I like that I give such direct, unabashed insight to a recruiter (or any one else for that matter), and can let them decide if I am the kind of person they want to raise their hand / vouchsave for; build community with; help change the world.

If I am, then let’s talk.

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