The 10 Things I Learned About Social Business From 20 Strangers Kissing

You may have already seen the video doing the viral rounds of 20 strangers kissing. It is recommended viewing, and not just because the marketer in me knows a good meme when he sees one. (and ok, it ends up that it was done for a fashion shoot, but that is besides the point…)

It is an incredibly touching video, both for the viewer, invited into an intimacy, and for the participants who are shown in their gawky, honest humility.

20strangersThe word that rested lightly atop it all throughout was TRUST. With no back story or commonality with each other, asked to plunge head first (literally) toward an unknown outcome with little to guide you except a command “Kiss!”…what seemed to join them all was a sense of shared trust and earnest kindness.

Now, not to get all “The Ten Things I Learned About Social Business From 20 Strangers Kissing” on you, but it did make me wonder, just how much can we achieve together, within our networks (of strangers by some definitions), with that same intensity of trust, the same lightness of touch, a similar gentle kindness?

That’s baby-making power, right there.

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