Asking “What If?” Can Raise your IQ

In yesterday’s post I evidenced the growing requirement to ask questions if one is to survive and thrive in this mad, mad, mad world of ours. No sooner had I hit Publish, another piece of evidence crossed the wires from Warren Berger in this Fast Co. article.

Asking big questions is where innovation comes from, and is associated with overcoming fear. John Seely Brown suggests starting with simply asking:

what if?

Yes, what if? Could there be a more beautiful question? Berger has other beauties to ask in his new book, and a quiz to take too, so you can inquire into your own readiness to ask. I have a good inquiry quotient – seems like I am ready!


Yesterday I doubted my innate ability to ask > answer. Maybe there is hope after all…

Berger also uses this e.e. cummings quote, so he must know his stuff:

“Always the beautiful answer / who asks a more beautiful question.”

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