My Personal Brand: Revisited. Being The Best In The World At *THIS*

It is time to revisit my personal brand.  We have been developing the personal branding system to fully synthesize the input elements and to get to the brand essence. The BrandBoards have been redesigned to better illustrate this.

What is that essence? A bit of Head – Heart – Hand.

Usually, people have a brand essence clearly in one of the HHH camps. This is good news. Here is where you make the biggest difference; how you show up BIG. Mine, very clearly, is a HEAD brand.

I do my best work by thinking; intellectualizing. It does mean I cannot feel (Heart) or do (Hand). It just means my force is strongest in the think (Head) segment.

My BrandBoard
My BrandBoard

My main HEAD element: Creative Tension. I introduce and manage tension in a project / organization. I disorganize, ideate and innovate. I leverage my big-picture thinking / visionary / strategy strength.

My main HEART element: Connect – Everything – Connects. I feel how systems and networks connect and work. It is instinctive and passionate. It shows in my ENFJ teacher preference.

My main HAND element: Velocity. I move at speed, with direction. I Get. Shit Done. I am a fixer, a maximizer.

This is my brand promise: if you need some of this to help you be more successful, then I am the best in the world at it. Promise.

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